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WW provides an educational allowance for the children of the weavers. In a study it was found that women working with WW were more likely to have educated children (matriculation and above) than women working elsewhere in Maheshwar.

As well as weaving, WomenWeave provides ancillary weaving employment such as yarn spinning and bobbin winding. WW is able to fulfil its mandate of guaranteeing that high value-added markets result in higher wages for employees, where WW’s ancillary workers are paid as much as six times the local wage women working in these jobs usually receive in Maheshwar.

A Lifeline

WW’s founding mission is provide women who are marginalised not only as a result of class and other socio-economic factors, but also within their communities due to personal difficulties including widowhood, being differently abled or being single mothers. Time and again WW has been able to provide job security and training to these women, enabling them to become bread winners for their families and gain independence.

Savings Groups

The impacts of working together as women are both tangible and intangible. Tangible outcomes are the savings groups. As a result of the women building trust by working closely together they create savings clubs. With their pay-out from these clubs many women report being able to purchase household essentials such as a piped water connection ensuring a steady supply of potable water. Others report being able to build or improve their house as well as purchase domestic essentials such as fridge as a result of the collective savings clubs.

Self-worth. Support. Solidarity. Women empowerment

Intangible yet fundamental impacts of working with WomenWeave are reported as a sense of self- worth, greater respect from family members and the sense of collective purpose that the women weavers gain from being part of WW. In sample data it was show that as many as 50% of women working at WW are now the primary breadwinners for their families as a result of having well-remunerated and secure employment with the NGO.