Sir Dorabji Tata Trust
WomenWeave is grateful for the generous support of SDTT from  2007 to 2012,  during which time they have helped us grow and professionalize in all facets of our activities: training, marketing, outreach programs and many others.  As partners, they have been invaluable.

The Dallas Foundation
As WomenWeave's partner organisation in the United States, The Dallas Foundation has stood for quality, integrity and professionalism in all that we have accomplished.  We are truly indebted to TDF for its support.

WomenWeave is grateful to the HSBC Bank for its excellent support and guidance at all levels of our development from 2008 to 2013.  A particular success has been the HDFC sponsored child care centre for our working weaver women and the Young Weavers Training Program. We sincerely value this partnership.

MP Government Support
The Handloom Directorate, Government of Madhya Pradesh is responsible for the very first support extended to WomenWeave's Gudi Mudi initiative since 2007. Subsequently they have funded training, equipment and expertise.  We are deeply indebted to them for all their help.

United Way Mumbai
For sponsoring and supporting WomenWeave's outreach program amongst tribal weavers in Central Madhya Pradesh, we are deeply indebted to the United Way program.  Theirs has been a very special and meaningful outreach to highly marginalised weavers.

SharePeople, Netherlands
This unique organisation donates expertise of the highest calibre to organisations in the field.  To date four specialists have volunteered their skills in the following fields: Preparation of a Business Plan, Creation of a Management Information Service, Creation of a Website focused on e-marketing, Human Resources management and Policy Making.  Their contributions have been seminal to the growth of our organisation.